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Exciting and Educational Experiences for Your Students

We build custom travel tours that deliver on your educational goals

At Taylor Tours, your students come first 

We will walk you through every step when considering your budget, the expectations of your administration, and your timeline.

We handle it all!

  • The Planning - Yes, we do it all!
  • The Budget - We will do every thing we can to meet your budget goal.
  • Exciting and Educational Activities for Your Students.
  • The Parents - Yes! Them too! We provide a Pre-Trip Meeting giving parents a detailed itinerary and additional information regarding their students trip.


Let your students further their learning opportunities with hands-on and in-person tours and site visits. What better way to learn and retain information than by doing it yourself? And guess what? You WILL have FUN along the way!

Travel, in any capacity, is generally a learning experience, whether intended to be or not. When combined with intentional educational travel, your students will receive a memorable trip they will never forget.


Full-Service Custom Performance Tours where your students can interact, perform, learn, and have fun all on budget. We design each tour based on your input so it will meet the needs of your group. Utilizing our resources and over 40 years of experience, Taylor Tours can service your entire trip from beginning to end and everything in between!


Taylor Tours provides enjoyable, all-inclusive, and affordable educational class trips. Each tour group will receive a completely customized trip designed to meet the needs of each class. With your input, we will create the perfect itinerary for your student's educational needs. 

Let us take care of the planning so you and your class can have fun while learning!

Seamless Trips - Fun For All!

Students • Teachers • Administrators • Parents


What They Say

In working with Taylor Tours, I have found them to be personable, caring, highly organized, and prepared for all situations.

They know the surroundings and the infinite possibilities the city you are visiting has to offer, making your trip successful. For example, if it is raining on a day planned for an outdoor adventure, and plans have to change on the spot, they know of many resources so the day's events can continue.

Even though we have worked with Taylor Tours for many years, they always make it an exciting and new experience utilizing their vast knowledge of hotels, sites, and shows. Keeping up with the ever-changing cities and new developments makes them insightful, ensuring the students have the best trip possible!

— Julie Hart

Pendleton County High School


Ready to Plan Your Next Trip?

Before we jump into assembling your travel destination and plans, we want to take the time to get to know you thoroughly so that Taylor Tours can spot all the most suitable options for your trip.